Ethiopia: Daniel Kibret | Selaladereklegne Neger Amesegnehalew

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Zayiya In this standard five to ten individuals get themselves occupied with the work and help each other. It is also is a standard in which people cooperate with the goal of succeeding. Zayiya is a typical and common standard which is completed in gatherings. More to the point, it empowers individuals in a given neighborhood finish their work in a brief timeframe in light of the set designs.

Similarly, in this standard, individuals can work at two houses in multi day. After they sow seeds until 12:00 o'clock in a specific rancher's plot, they can too sow seeds toward the evening in other agriculturist's farmland.

Daguwa Number shrewd, this standard is more than Hashiya and Zayiya. It grasps ten or more individuals living in a specific zone with the expectation of cooperating. It is completed in coordinated effort. Various individuals share in Daguwa. It might last daylong. For the most part, individuals get themselves occupied with this standard when they have something that is impossible independent from anyone else. They get themselves occupied with tending cultivating plots, harvesting,trashing and other related angles. It is generally done after a considerable measure of readiness has been embraced ahead of time.

In Daguwa, individuals of the zone get ready diverse nourishments and beverages all in all in the host's home separated from coming sustenances and beverages from their point of view houses. The last framework is known as Yaganuwa. The lady gets the nourishments and beverages that she takes to the host enrolled. The host says, "May God enable me to pay you in kind," and get the blessing with grin.

The general population who want this reason bring everything required for the day from their individual spots. After they got themselves occupied with the framework, they help each other and part by the day's end. At the point when the Zayiya individuals want work, they bring the entire parcel required for the mission.

The gathering individuals from the Daguwa get ready breakfast and lunch in view of their turn. They don't set anything up various amid the day. Nor do they get ready exceptional beverages for the day. No one would originate from neighbors or different spots for help. Be that as it may, if the rancher's significant other is in a family way, her neighbors may help her in the arrangement.

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